Current State


  • Driver assistance crashes have increased

  • Autonomous technology provides great benefits and generates hard questions

  • Cyber risks in AVs are real and are in the forefront of the media every day

AV Cyber Surety Risks

Autonomous technology provides great benefits and generates hard questions. Cyber risks in AVs are real and are in the forefront of the media every day.

A fuel tanker ploughed into a crowd of thousands of protesters as they marched against racism and police brutality following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

  • Ransom Attack

  • Terrorism

  • Civil Panic

  • Kidnapping

  • Political Protect

  • Assassination

Auto Innovations = Increased Risk of Cyberattacks

  • Connected vehicles exist in different forms. At their most basic, they either communicate with other vehicles or other devices and systems.

  • Cybercriminals and bad actors can use the connectivity of these vehicles to gain access to critical systems in the vehicle, including braking, steering, and the engine.

  • Once connected vehicles are breached, hackers move laterally through the vehicle’s systems and attack other systems that are also connected. For example, many cars and vehicles can connect to smartphones via Vehicle-to-Everything

Media / Public Awareness is increasing

Automotive Cybersecurity: More Than In–Vehicle and Cloud

Upstream has released four yearly reports, the latest in early 2022, on automotive cybersecurity trends with a growing amount of information. Upstream also has a public database of 900+ automotive hacking events that yield more information when needed.

Car Hacking Danger Is Likely Closer Than You Think

Connected cars are great, until they're not. A recent Detroit Free Press article shows that vehicle hacks are more common and more dangerous that most people realize

Connected-Car Hacking Is a Perennial Worry and a Constant Fight

Criminals are savvy but automakers have backup from NHTSA, which is urging them to build cybersecurity into the entire vehicle development cycle.

The UN has regulations concerning vehicle cybersecurity that will go into effect in Japan and South Korea in 2022 and in Europe in July 2024

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me

I was driving 70 mph on the edge of downtown St. Louis when the exploit began to take hold.

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What if we told you that hackers can remotely access your vehicle’s internal systems—in order to track your trip or even stop your engine mid-travel?

Carmakers Strive to Stay Ahead of Hackers

The effects of a breach of a car, or fleet, could be devastating. Auto manufacturers and suppliers have aggressive plans, and a lot of firewalls.

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Insurers are just awakening to the seriousness of the threat, and some are wondering if auto cybersecurity is a national defense issue

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FBI Warning: Hackers Now Targeting US Automotive Industry

In an era of Internet-connected vehicles and autonomous, self-driving cars, these hackers have more opportunities than ever before to wreak havoc within the automotive industry.